From Maggie

Welcome and thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your interest in my books.

I can’t ever remember a time when I didn’t want to write. Each time I entered our small town library or school library, I’d breathed in the musky, smell and ink of books the way someone would sniffed perfume. I loved that I could be “somewhere” else in a manner of moments just from reading….so it was as natural as breathing for me to create stories. I wrote my 1st book The Silver Crown, in third grade when my sweet teacher saw me writing during my free time and supplied me with paper. Quickly, I wrote another story—Mystery at Nubbins Ridge in 5th grade, unpublished, of course! In 10th grade biology class, as school as I finished my projects, I handed them to my girlfriend to read for feedback. 

I still have the first story written in my longhand with a green construction paper for binding, and it looks pitiful. Inspiration and encouragement came early on from my late brother Gary. He nudged me in to the world of writing. Under the pen name of Jess McCreede, Gary wrote seven novels. One of my greatest pleasures comes from finishing a book. Another joy is receiving feedback from readers who share with me how much they enjoyed my books, and their anticipation for the next one. My readers are wonderful blessings to me, and hearing such sweet words from them is what makes me strive to make each story better than the last.

Although I’m definitely a Southern Belle, I loved reading Zane Grey novels, and found myself curious about the state of Colorado and the West. When we were a young couple, my husband, three month old baby girl and I, relocated to Colorado for a better job opportunity. It was my dream to live out West. That’s how I came to be so fond of everything western! My books are definitely inspirational with a faith theme woven into all of my stories through the characters as they face life's decisions.

If my stories have blessed you or encourage you in your faith, please write to me or post a message on my blog.

Happy Trails,
Maggie Brendan